We have a spacious climate controlled area that houses our modern circular knitting machines, allowing us to produce tubular fabric in various widths and designs.

 We work with different types of fabrics such as Single Jersey, Rib, Pique, French Terry and also manufacture accessories like collars and cuffs for use in the making of polo shirts.

 We have an installed knitting capacity of 200,000 kgs per month and offer a range of fabric widths starting from 13” up to 36", and fabric weights from 120-250grams / m2 (3.5 to 7.4 oz. / yd. 2).


Our versatile laboratory works in the development of dye recipes for a wide range of colors using the PANTONE system, which allows our customers to have the option of choosing and/or personalizing the tones and colors they wish depending on their market needs. Our textures are subjected to various tests by which we ensure to provide our consumers with a high quality fabric that guarantees resistance, robustness and high performance.

 Our shades are verified through the DATACOLOR machinery which helps us obtain accurate and consistent color tones, providing our customers with the confidence they need in the quality and consistency of the product.

 MARTINDALE M235 machinery is used to conduct and verify that our fabric does not contain knots of interlocked fibers of varying dimensions, called piling.  This revision allows us to better serve our customers with the high quality fabric they deserve.



Our modern and efficient dyeing and finishing machinery have the capacity to process over 200,000 kgs per month and in an efficient dye time of less than 8 hours per lot.

 We offer different types of dyeing, such as reactive, disperse dye, optical white, chemical bleaching, washing, disperse / reactive, and different types of fabric finishing which include: silicone finishing, special finishes, wicking finish.


Our cutting department has highly trained technical personnel which work with our modern cutting machinery for the elaboration of patterns and markers which result in the efficient cutting of the fabric, reducing fabric losses in the cut process.

 In this process we use patterns generated by our team with the help of GERBER automated machinery.


More than 25 sewing modules produce a wide range of garments to meet the needs of both, our national and international clients.

 In our sewing processes we have highly trained staff that has extensive experience in the production of both specific garments such as T-shirts, with a sewing time of less than 5 minutes and more complex garments that have a higher sewing time.

 We work with the production of a wide variety of garments, which include T –Shirts, Polo Shirt, Fleece Hoods and Pants.


We are aware that only the best of our work can be stamped with our label.

 Our goal is to offer a product of the highest quality and for this we count on a highly trained personnel and quality inspection team that review every roll of fabric that is produced and analyze each garment that is manufactured.